Rebecca Crownover is a farmer by profession, an Amazon Best Seller,
Award Winning Children's Book Author, and founder of the brand and children’s book series, Texas Farm Girl.

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Testimonials of those who were encouraged by My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus. If you have a testimonial, please send via the contact page. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Dear Rebecca, I just received today's mail and in it was the beautiful book that you published. My hands shook as I read it and tears streamed down. You have no idea the lives you will touch and support by publishing such a beautiful book. Thank you for doing so. I understand a sudden death of a daddy, as my dad was killed in a car accident when I was 12. My siblings were already out of the house. So, it was just my mom and I. I remember us praying the same verse along with Romans 8:28. 27 years later, I still miss him, but I, too, am so thankful to be able to say, "My Daddy is in heaven with Jesus. "

Jean T.

Just wanted to say thanks for writing the book. My youngest son Michael died with Melanoma Cancer in Feb 2007 leaving a wife and a 18 month old daughter. I have had such a hard time trying to explain why God would take her Daddy and trying to keep him alive in Heaven w/Jesus. Madison will be blessed for reading the book and will be able to truly know where her Daddy is. God bless you and your family and thank you again.

Jackie B.

Rebecca, I wish I had your book the first time I lost my wife. Even though I didn't have children at the time I know it would have helped me by changing daddy to wife. When I lost my next wife I had two children at home. (6&12) My 12 year old did fine but had a lot of trouble with the 6 year old. She is 26 now and still has some problems. I am sure the book would have helped her. I lost my father when I was 9. If there was anything out there like that I'm sure my mother would have bought it to help me with losing my daddy. Thank you for finally putting a book out there that we can all turn to. The very best for you and your daughter. Take Care

Kenneth C.

My 38 year old brother took his life on 4/5/13. He left behind his wife, 2 children ages 5 and 3, his mom and dad, and 4 sisters and 3 brother-in-laws. The kids ask daily when daddy will be coming back. I ordered your book to give to them hoping that it will be of help to them. I am so glad to have somewhere to turn to help my little nephew and niece as well as their mommy to be able to cope with their loss. Thank you for publishing this and I will include you and your daughter in my prayers.

Julie B.

Hey Rebecca, I just wanted to say thank you for sending the book to my friend's children who recently lost their father! Faith has now "written" a book about her experience (from an 8-yr-old's perspective). I think your book inspired her to get her thoughts and memories down. She illustrated it. . .and some of her details and things that she noticed or remembered are pretty thought-provoking. I so appreciate your openness with such a hard and sensitive issue. Thanks for being an inspiration to others!

Heather O.

We just received your book that we ordered. My husband and I read it and were blessed by it. We bought it for our daughter and granddaughter. Just briefly, my daughter, her husband and our granddaughter were involved in an automobile accident in March 2012. My daughter and her husband were 19 years old and our granddaughter was 13 months old. Our granddaughter received a few scratches (she's our miracle), our daughter was more severely injured with broken bones and a brain injury, but thankfully today is fine. Unfortunately, our son in law died in the accident. We are still dealing with the loss of Jake. We love your book and look forward to it helping in all of our healing. The forward alone had me in tears and the verse you quote has been one of the many we have claimed through this tragedy. Thank you for sharing your story.

Sincerely, Diane J.