Rebecca Crownover is a farmer by profession, an Amazon Best Seller,
Award Winning Children's Book Author, and founder of the brand and children’s book series, Texas Farm Girl.

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About The Books

Texas Farm Girl: Aquaculture Farming

Texas Farm Girl takes a trip with PawPaw to Global Blue Technologies shrimp farm in Taft, Texas. As she tours the farm, she is excited to find out how the farm is making an impact on the world with the environmentally friendly way they are raising shrimp. Texas Farm Girl is inspired to learn the life lesson of how striving to make a little difference can make a big impact in the world.

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2014 Christian Literary Awards Nominee – Children's Book Category
2014 Mascot Books Author of the Year for Texas Farm Girl Series
2014 "Moving America Forward" Award, by Retired Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney for being an innovative entrepreneur in helping move America forward through the Texas Farm Girl series. Presented on William Shatner's Moving America Forward TV show.

Texas Farm Girl

An educational, adventurous, and inspiring children's book about a farm girl in Texas who had a special relationship with her PawPaw. She worked on the farm with her grandfather in the summers and not only learned about the hard work that goes into farming, but also how devastating it can be for a big storm to come through and rip it apart. Finding the positive out of the negative and promoting the importance of family, an important life lesson can be learned.

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Texas Farm Girl: Reap What You Sow

An Amazon Best Seller! Texas Farm Girl learns from her PawPaw what Reap What You Sow means when she makes a big mistake on the farm planting corn. The lesson learned from Texas Farm Girl, Reap What You Sow can be applied to all of us so that we can overcome adversity and Shine Like a Lone Star Pearl.

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The Success Blueprint

Rebecca Crownover signed a publishing deal With CelebrityPress® to co-author Brian Tracy's book, Success Blueprint.
She teamed up with several of the premier business minds of our time to write a chapter on what she knows best about success. The book itself has been a success and was an Amazon Best Seller on release day, December 22, 2016. Her chapter titled, Plant. Cultivate. Harvest., tells the real story of how she has found success through some of the most trying times of her life and applying them to her farming roots. Purchase an autographed copy on

2013 Award Winning Finalist in USA Best
Books Awards in Children's Religious Category.
2013 Christian Literary Awards: Henri Award and
Reader's Choice Award in Children's Book Category

My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus was written to help other children through their own tragedy of losing a parent. When Acie lost her dad, Rebecca needed something simple and to the point for her two-and-a-half-year-old.

Most of the books she found were too complex and books that Acie did not understand. My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus is a story in the simplest form for a child, based on actual events that Acie went through as she tried to deal with the loss of her dad.

This beautifully illustrated children's book (Illustrated by Elisa Moriconi) takes tragedy and turns it into a message of hope for the future. My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus is an excellent resource for counselors, teachers, parents, churches and any individual that has lost a parent. This book appeals to adults as well as children. Market research indicates that this children's book also skews much older… even adults who have lost a parent find comfort reading My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus.

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